Knowledge of the Czech Language

Knowledge of the Czech language will simplify communication with authorities, employers or customers and will help you to find Czech friends. If you have children in compulsory school, then knowledge of Czech will allow you to actively support your child in preparation for school. If you want to live in the Czech Republic for a long time, knowledge of the Czech language is one of the obligations for obtaining permanent residence and also Czech citizenship.


Czech language courses for foreigners

Czech language courses for adults are provided by all regional Integration Centers, a number of NGOs and municipalities within their projects. These are usually free courses (supported by subsidies from the state budget or EU funds), or courses with a refundable deposit after completing the course.

Czech language courses for foreigners are also provided by commercial entities. Clients of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic can apply for retraining for those who are accredited.

In addition, various specialized websites, e-learning portals or youtube channels can be used to study Czech - you can find an overview of them for example here.


Czech as a condition for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of the Czech Republic

The Czech language exam at the A2 level is one of the conditions for granting permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The Czech language exam at the B1 level is one of the conditions for granting Czech citizenship. In addition to language skills, the applicant for citizenship must also demonstrate a basic knowledge of the realities of the Czech Republic.

Those interested in the Czech language exam for both permanent residence and citizenship can find information on the website in several language versions. In addition to up-to-date information on exams, including the possibility to register online, the site also provides sample tests, textbooks and various preparatory materials).


Teaching Czech to children and pupils with different mother tongues (OMJ)

Czech language teaching is provided to children (in kindergarten) and pupils (at primary and secondary schools) both in kindergartens and in the fulfillment of compulsory school attendance and in primary schools, so that it is possible to integrate them into regular teaching in classes according to their age and previous education.

Portal non-profit organization META, o.p.s. In addition to comprehensive information for teachers, it also provides a list of proven textbooks and teaching aids for children and pupils.


Interpreting and translations

A separate tab, Interpreting and Translation, deals with this topic.