Need help or advice?

In every life situation you find yourself in in the Czech Republic, you can turn to someone who will help you solve the situation, advise you or confirm that you are doing the right thing.


Integration centers are here for foreigners, they have branches in every region and offer the same basic services everywhere for free: social and legal counseling, information center (computer with wifi, library, etc.) Czech language courses and social and cultural orientation courses in the Czech Republic.


There are many non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic that focus on helping and supporting foreigners. Contacts for individual organizations and their focus can be found in the Directory of Organizations and Institutions on this website.


     Are you a foreigner looking for a job? Are you wondering how to further develop your career? Do you want to utilise your skills on the Czech labour market? At selected branches of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, experienced specialists for working with foreigners will provide you with individual support (including interpreting).


     You can contact the Ministry of the Interior's Information hotline with questions regarding your stay (only after you have not found the answer to your question even after studying the information for foreigners on the Ministry of Interior's website).


     ​​ Easy access to important information and answers to situations that need to be addressed upon arrival and during your stay in the Czech Republic. 


     "Everything you need to know about life in Prague in one app"

    Basic advice in these languages, as well as assistance with filling out forms and interpreting by phone, is provided by telephone and e-mail, which is anonymous and charged according to the operator's tariff.


      At selected workplaces of the Department of Asylum and Migration Policy of the Ministry of the Interior (OAMP), non-profit organizations and Integration Centers provide assistance services for foreigners (including interpreting).


     For interpreting from and into Czech, you can use the services of trained professionals for communication with foreigners, court interpreters, interpreting by phone and e-mail. Specific information in the Interpreting and Translations tab on this website.


     The ombudsman protects against unlawful acts of the authorities or inactivity of the authorities, also protects against discrimination (e.g. due to nationality), etc.