Basic orientation in society

Basic orientation in the environment of the Czech Republic is important for managing the demands that a stay in another country brings with it.


Foreigners who are about to come to the Czech Republic

The pre-departure information package "Next Stop - Czech Republic", which consists of a brochure and a documentary film, is used to inform foreigners in the so-called pre-migration period. The materials should be distributed by the embassies of the Czech Republic in the countries of origin of foreigners. They are also available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior and on this website in the Information materials for foreigners tab.



Adaptation-integration courses are organized to help with orientation in the new environment for newly arrived foreigners. You can find more information in the special tab Adaptation-integration courses. Please note that from 2021, newly arrived foreigners are obliged to complete this course within one year of arrival in the Czech Republic.

To facilitate the handling of matters related to the stay, the instructional video and information leaflet of the Ministry of the Interior "How do I do this" can be found on the website of the Ministry of the Interior or on this website in the Information materials for foreigners tab.

The Immigration Portal website serves as a signpost for all information about living, working and studying in the Czech Republic.

You can find basic information materials for foreigners in the Information materials for foreigners tab.

Basic information and important links to individual aspects of life in the Czech Republic can be found in the individual tabs on this website: Stay, Knowledge of the Czech language, Work, Enterpreneurship, Health and Health Insurance, Education and Training, Social Security and Social Services, Culture and Coexistence and Citizenship.

You can find out where to look for help, assistance and any advice in the Need help or advice tab?

Other selected links in the Other Useful Links section can also make it easier for foreigners to find their way around.


Foreigners residing in the Czech Republic for a long time

Czech language courses are provided by all regional Integration Centers, a number of non-profit organizations and municipalities within their projects. Courses are often free or for a small fee (subsidized by the state). Czech language courses for foreigners are also organized by commercial entities.

Sociocultural orientation courses are intended for foreigners residing in the Czech Republic for a long time. These are seminars focused on social and cultural orientation in society and on specific aspects of everyday life (employment, pensions, health insurance, financial literacy, first aid, realities of the Czech Republic, etc.), usually connected with the teaching of Czech. These courses are offered by Integration Centers, some non-profit organizations and in some cases also by cities (in the case of Prague by city districts), schools or other institutions.

Even foreigners staying in the Czech Republic for a longer period of time can be helped by information that is listed as for newcomers (see the previous topic).